» Biography Salvo Inzerilli


Salvatore “Salvo” Inzerilli was born on 19th February 1976 in Catania, Italy.

He is a guitarist, mainly electric guitar, but he “likes” to play bass guitar and keyboard, too.

He got his first guitar, a classic one, when he was fourteen as a present from his father.
One year later he bought a Fender Stratocaster (Vintage ’50 model) and one guitar amp; in that period Salvo, together with other two of his friends, “put on” a band, the Dionea and started, with them, to work on their own songs.

Some year later he left his first band and he joined a new one, the Figli di Carta with whom played in a couple of concerts, during the summer ’93, performing their own songs.
At the end of that year, he left the Figli di Carta, but he continued to collaborate with his drummer bandmate for two years more.

During 1996, for a very short time, he put on a new band, the Lean Out, together with, among the others, one of his old friend Enrico Saccone. The band worked on some Pink Floyd cover song.

After that year, he stopped to play for a very long period.

“I got a momentary lapse of reason …” he said.

Then, in 2002 about, he put, little by little, his hands in a guitar again.
But he will play, in the next years, only in private jams with some of his friends.

In 2009, he has started a collaboration with a Sicilian piano player and composer Orazio Longo.
The result of this collaboration led Salvo to play in Longo’s third album, Landscape, realized in September 2010.
This work has born by the joining of various genres, from ambient music to jazz, from electronic music to classic seventies british rock, brought by every musician which played in this album.
He also wrote Voices from Space, the last song of this work; he was the co-writer with Orazio of one track of it, Tumbledown affair, and arranged with him, and the other musicians, the songs of Landscape. In the same year and the following 2011, he joined the band for the gigs to promote the album.