» Landscape Salvo Inzerilli



1) Landscape (O. Longo)
2) Timelapse (O. Longo)
3) Enrico (S. Guarrera)
4) Renoir (O. Longo)
5) Tumbledown affair (O. Longo / S. Inzerilli)
6) Crystalline (O. Longo / F. Castro)
7) Glasses (O. Longo)
8) Shapes on the ground (O. Longo)
9) Glasses part II (O. Longo)
10) Voices from space (S. Inzerilli)

Album (2010)

Album Credits

Recorded and mixed by Vincenzo Cavalli at SonoriaStudioRec (Scordia, Ct, Italy)
Sound Engineering by Vincenzo Cavalli
Printed at Duplitape (Catania, Italy)
Pictures in front and back cover ‘Birds’ and ‘Alberi’ by Patrizia Tonon
Photos by Alessandro Castagna – phiesgraphstudio (except ‘Scarvaglieri playing’)
Graphic project by Enrico Guarrera
Produced by Aleph

Musician Credits

Samyr Guarrera – Sax
Giancarlo Scarvaglieri – Guitar
Salvatore Inzerilli – Electric Guitar
Orazio Longo – Piano and Synth
Francesco Castro – Electric Bass
Angelo Celso – Drums and Percussions

All songs arranged by Guarrera, Inzerilli, Celso, Scarvaglieri, Longo


Listen tracks (Due to author and producer choice, you can listen to just a few number of tracks, in low quality.)